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Awaken your healing rhythms with christine stevens the. This drum maybe small but it has a great sound whether playing it with your hand or a stick. Freedom drum circles unity through rhythm community drum. Anyone can play djembe is unique in that it offers instruction not only in traditional djembe rhythms, but also original rhythms and their applications in contemporary music. Rhythm activities and initiatives for adults, facilitators. Improv drum circle a rhythm will be started by the instructor allowing others to add in with anything at their own will. Bring the excitement of world music to middle school to build important work and community skills communication and listening cooperative teamwork respect for others teach african and latinamerican culture. Adapting drumming for individuals with special needs. There are a few different ways i like to notate, andor and vocalize the start of a drum circle rhythm. Fundrum has empowered thousands of people with the experience of creating powerful music together. This system combines visual, auditory, kinesthetic, verbal, and abstractsymbolic learning modalities. African drumming in drum circles percussive arts society. Drum circles on the surface, beating on a drum may seem like. A wide range of drums ranging from hand drums namely.

I start this by having them echo some 4beat rhythms after me again, then having each person take turns playing that pattern all the way around the circle. We recommend you find other drummers who may be able to answer your questions. Drum sheet music free download in this page you can find all the drum sheets corresponding to the online basic and advanced video drum lessons, available in pdf format. Stop the group as soon as this happens, and ask them what they heard. Drum circles are fun, but if youve never participated before you might be a little nervous.

They are used to create feel rather than to be heard. Others asked to play it over the bigger djembe drum for certain tunes it can be held in the hand or between the knees. Short video to share a simple, easy to master, drum rhythm widely used at drum gatherings. Adapting drumming for individuals with special needs by rex bacon, mtbc more at ease and therefore more receptive to the experience.

Admittedly, the drum circle, by definition, would temporarily become a drum class or drum ensemble. Oct 20, 2011 if every player is there to share his or her spirit and have fun, the musical part of any drum circle will take care of itself. In the drum video lessons the virtual drummer plays online at the needed speed the drum sheet music that appears on the screen. Well practice freestyle drumming with other percussion instruments also. A drum circle is a freeamateurand communicative gathering of people who come together to make spontaneous music. World music drumming curriculum pmsa conference january 19, 2009. The beauty is that you can never make a mistake in a drum circle. Drumming gives us an experience where we can be free to connect with ourselves and others, in order to release, restore and heal. How to play a simple rhythm for a drum circle by andrew proctor drum circles are a lot of fun, but if youve never been to one before you might not know what to expect and be a little inhibited and nervous. Stopped drums these are played by touching the drum or cymbal after it is struck to stop it vibrating. Say the phrase lets all play the drum in a variety of rhythms, tempi, phrase lengths.

May 21, 2014 the complete djembe rhythm book pdf 45 traditional african djembe rhythms a practical guide for students, teachers and drum circle facilitators. Nov 02, 2015 here is an example of how the 5 basic rhythms look and sound in a live drum circle. Here is an example of how the 5 basic rhythms look and sound in a live drum circle. Body wellness center, and upbeat drum circles on the. As a nationally renowned community drum facilitator, arthur is recognized as the father of the modern drum circle movement. Adapting drumming for individuals with special needs by rex bacon, mtbc. The drum circle everyone needs to see each other makes everyone even. Drum circles are not meant to be serious and stressful music making events or concerts. Then invite the children to stand quietly by a drum or percussion instrument. Drumming is a path of healing that guides us into experiencing the flow of our mind and emotions so we may grow to experience more about our soul. Large circle or conglomerate for smaller spaces instructions 1 play a slow pulse on any instrument you have. This is a short collection of patterns that one use for playing on a djembe drum.

Arthur hull is the granddaddy of community drumming. A drum circle also called a drum jam or community drumming is an interactive group process where individuals use a variety of drums and percussion instruments with the intent of producing a musical product of recreational and community value. Everyone can be engaged at their own level of functioning, while demonstrating the ability to drum. This drums is use in a drumming circle and is my first one. You must treat the drum with the same respect you would treat any fellow spirit in this world. Focus on keeping the beat steady and having no gaps between each person.

The class will introduce basic handdrumming techniques and rhythms. The complete djembe rhythm book pdf drummerworld forum. Rex bacon is a board certified music therapist, professional drum mer, and drum circle facilitator. If the lesson has too many differences or fluctuations, this may cause some anxiety in the student. The drum accompanies the charamba charambah, a portuguese circledance. It is played with the hands traditionally only by men, and can. Menc nw 2011 elementary drumming kalani, mtbc elementary.

Drumming can relieve stress, release tension and provide an outlet for anxiety. Free drum sheet music pdf download learn to play drums online. The teacher should take skill areas and set small, achievable goals that lead to mastery. Arthur hull is a remo artist and signature series drum designer.

Then explain that you are going to start passing a new pattern around. Virtual drum circle global gathering rhythms of radiance and the symphony of change fall equinox one ticket to virtual live event with christine stevens and team an equinox is commonly regarded as the instant of time when the plane extended indefinitely in all directions of earths equator passes through the center of the sun. The only guaranteed side effect of a drum circle is joy. An assortment of drum circle rhythms this is a list of various drum circle rhythms i like to play. Omea drumming session oregon elementary music teachers. Drums sheet music book by ed roscetti and maria martinez. This rhythm fits in along with many other patterns of drum rhythms. As the participants feel comfortable with the rhythm they have going, the instructor will stop and introduce other instruments and rhythms on top of.

This is a 2 cd set of 120 drum circle rhythms, each one is about a minute long. Pdf version, mac editable version, and pc editable version. As the participants feel comfortable with the rhythm they have going, the instructor will stop and introduce other instruments and rhythms on top of the playing in order to spark new ideas among the participants. Roots jam 2 also has a set of 28 short demo clips to demonstrate selected notation in the book. Todays post is focused on my favorite lesson ideas and activities to use in the drumming circle. It features specific instrumentation, techniques, rhythms, forms, songs, and extra musical activities such as dance and rituals. This rhythm notation is designed to help you do that. Apr 14, 2014 a drum circle benefits individuals by connecting them to a common purpose of creative selfexpression groups have found the power that drum circles have to create an environment for joy, expression, team building, stress relief and communication. Africanbased rhythms for drum circles 3rd edition with added preparatory exercises, bellpattern exercises, and section on elements of rhythm. The drum circle facilitators guild the professional association. Volume i includes roots of rhythm chapters 110, references. Ms silvestris music classroom teaching resources teachers. Arrangements for west african drum and dance 16 traditional, 27 original, you can assist your learning and practice with mp3 audio files available here.

A facilitator in the centre of the circle usually is the one who draws the. The part of the stick over the rim is raised and used to strike the rim. Will schmids curriculum will help with the next steps of teaching children to make their first drum sounds and subsequent rhythms. Ghost notesghost notes are played by striking the drum or cymbal very lightly. In this lesson, learn what a drum circle is and explore common rhythms used in it.

Chris ramirez is the most awesome drum circle facilitator and teacher. If you want to take your rhythm facilitation to the highest level, read the book drum circle spirit by arthur hull, the granddaddy of drum circle facilitation. Dec 04, 2010 this is a list of various drum circle rhythms i enjoy playing. Your students will learn what drum circles are and how they are used as they read a text lesson, demonstrate drum circles, and take a quiz to test their knowledge. A drum circle is a group of people come together in the physical form of a circle for the purpose of drumming. His extensive experience in all forms of percussion and all world rhythms is shared with us at the drum circles and the drum class. Sl ratigan 101 drum circle rhythms for the hand drum. Math rhythms, patterns, polyrhythms language learning songs in different languages.

Inevitably, it will speed up without you doing anything. Rhythm notation samples home djembe rhythms from west africa. Arguably the most iconic african instrument, the djembe is a singleheaded, gobletshaped drum. When we drum together, we embrace community and escape isolation. Fundrum rhythm circles has served hundreds of groups of children, seniors and communities, in addition to fortune 500 companies, federal, state and county government agencies, nonprofit organizations schools, community groups and many others. Jun 21, 2012 short video to share a simple, easy to master, drum rhythm widely used at drum gatherings. Our drum circles create a fun, supportive, and a safe environment and are facilitated by professional trained cdc facilitators who are passionate about bringing this unique tool to you. In the second section, youll get lots of tips on instant rhythm creation. The only thing missing is an opportunity to ask questions.

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