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Wolfen is a 1981 american crime horror film directed by michael wadleigh, and based on whitley strieber s 1978 novel the wolfen. I can see why the film is so different from the book, as it would be very differicult to put some of the story details about the wolfen creatures into the film. The following firearms were seen in the 1981 film wolfen. The wolfen sometimes spelled wolfun were the henchmen of brazul and the main enemies of kya. The novel is told from the point of view of the human characters as well from the wolfen themselves. Wolves is a 2014 canadian action horror film directed by david hayter and starring lucas till, jason momoa, merritt patterson, john pyperferguson, stephen mchattie, kaitlyn leeb, and jennifer hale. Best known for directing the seminal music documentary woodstock1970 wolfen was the first movie he directed since then eleven years later. Released in 1981, in the middle of the early 80s horror boom, wolfen was lumped in with the same years two big werewolf pictures, an american werewolf in london and the howling, and was regarded as the runt of the lupine litter but that isnt really accurate or fair. The scrawny is the most common type of their kind and the most physically unimpressive. With albert finney, diane venora, edward james olmos, gregory hines. The film is a loose adaptation of the 1981 novel of the same name by whitley strieber, with a screenplay by ivan davis and. The werewolf movie gets an unusually smart, subversive twist in this cult classic inspired by native american folklore in which the grisly killing of a gentrifying real estate developer in the burnedout south bronx would appear to be the work of wolves. The film was the first movie to use a thermographic visual photographic look to represent the pointofview of a character, in this case, the wolfen. A real estate tycoon, his cokebingeing wife and a slum wino have something grisly in common.

In his pursuit he learns of an indian legend about wolf spirits. Wolfen this straightforward, intelligent film puts a new spin on the werewolf legend, presenting the creatures as a superior species living in the slums of new york city. From internet movie firearms database guns in movies, tv and video games. Wolfen ganze filme deutsch, ganzer wolfen 1981 film deutsch, wolfen 1981 ganzer film deutch schauen, wolfen 1981 ganzer film stream, ganzer film wolfen kostenlos legal gucken. Much of the film was shot on location in the south bronx, the lightly trafficked wasteland around charlotte street being ideal for filming and perfect to the extent that wolfen is, as evan calder williams writes, a documentary horror film. Though not a 5 star movie, its a very solid tale with some incredible alfresco scenes providing a reference. The above apocalypticlooking still is one of many shots of the south bronx circa 1980 from the opening montage to my favorite, new york cityset movie wolfen, an often forgotten film even among horror buffs about shapeshifters defending their land from greedy fatcat developers. Wolfen 1981 cast and crew credits, including actors, actresses, directors, writers and more. Wolfen is an interesting police procedural but its pacing and inconsistent take on the film s antagonists makes it stumble a little as a horror movie, still, it is an interesting enough concept to recommend to horror fans. The film follows a city cop who has been assigned to uncover what is behind a series of vicious murders.

The dts hd soundtrack on this bluray is utilized beautifully to recreate the directors original intent, an immersive experience. Wolfen internet movie firearms database guns in movies. The wolfen is one of streibers better novels, unless a reader prefers vampires or aliens that is. Wolfen, which opens today at the cinerama i and other theaters, is a sort of rich, thinking mans alligator, a supernatural monster movie of extraordinary stylishness in looks and sounds. As the film opens, the systems of finance and criminal justice conceive of these killings as political terrorism, a cruel perversion of the normal world. Wolfen is a 1981 american crime horror film directed by michael wadleigh, and based on whitley striebers 1978 novel the wolfen. Wolfen is a 1981 horrormystery film based upon the novel by whitley strieber. With tom noonan, richard stanley, mike medavoy, michael wadleigh. The werewolf movie was revived and reworked with a vengeance in 1981 and wolfen 1981 was a far more radical take on the genre than an american werewolf in london or the howling, though not as. Wolfen 1981 a city cop is assigned to solve a bizarre set of violent murders where it appears that the victoms were killed by animals. The two obvious ones that spring to mind are the howling and an american werewolf in london. All to the good, too, is the fact that for most of the film we never see these superwolves, though we do see the world new york from the south. Rest assured that if you have seen the film you can still read the book and it will suprise and hold you.

Horror bad moon, body snatchers, coma, wolfen format. Wolfen, loosely based on whitley striebers bestseller began production in new york, oct 1979. An intriguing film named wolfen, which is not about werewolves but is about the possibility that indians and wolves can exchange souls, has. The type of effect shot has been used in a number of movies to show the pov of a character, usually villainous, like a beast. Edition discs price new from used from dvd nov 06, 2007 please retry special edition. The wolfen falls under the horror genre, but it is much more than the traditional horror story. An intriguing film named wolfen, which is not about an intriguing film named wolfen, which is not about werewolves but is about the possibility that indians and wolves can exchange souls, has crept stealthily into several chicago theaters. It is interesting to compare this with the film adaptation.

Wolfen conceives of the modern world as a corruption of natural perfection and the wolfgods are now lashing out at it, punishing those who are again disturbing natures balance. Tmd the hedgehog poe avgcp auttp nodd wolfen alienvision south bronx duration. A new york cop investigates a series of brutal deaths that resemble animal attacks. New york film locations from the movie wolfen starring albert finney and diane venora. For wolfen he had the filmed microphones set up to provide a more immersive audio experience and prior video releases laser disc and dvd which i have were woefully inadequate to recreate his efforts. After the resounding success of woodstock 1970, filmmaker and political activist michael wadleigh came to hollywood to send messages. The film won the 1980 saturn award for best horror film while still in development, and was one of the three highprofile wolfthemed horror films released in 1981, alongside an american werewolf in london and wolfen. Wilson lives in a surprisingly elegant mansion block on staten island, from where he flies in by helicopter to investigate the deaths, while the wolfen themselves. Country united states directed by michael wadleigh release date 1981 language english studio orion pictures distributor warner brothers. The hunger is a 1983 erotic horror film directed by tony scott in his directorial debut, and starring catherine deneuve, david bowie, and susan sarandon. The lesser known of these however was wolfen, which isnt so much a werewolf film as it is a supernatural crimedrama that involves killer wolves, but still has some interesting elements to offer. Federal hall, wall street, lower manhattan stylish and bloody ecohorror, from the director of woodstock, has strangelyaccented cop dewey wilson albert finney investigating a race of superwolves, descended from native american hunters, who live by scavenging on the big apples downand.

Before i get into the film lets talk a bit about mr. Wolfen official trailer this straightforward, intelligent film puts a new spin on the werewolf legend, presenting the creatures as a superior species living in the slums of new york city. As their name suggest, they appear anthropomorphically lupine, though some breeds appear more like werewolves than simple wolves on two legs. It stars albert finney, diane venora, gregory hines and edward james olmos. The plot follows nypd detective dewey wilson, who is assigned to solve a bizarre series of violent murders in which it appears the victims were killed by animals. The wolves in the story arent supernatural, demonic animals, theyre just an ancient tribe of wolves that are trying to keep their pack thriving.

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