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It shows how to develop courses that successfully meet quality and assessment criteria including those set by the quality assurance agency, and provides a route map through the various elements involved. Faculty of communication and environment version 1. Module handbook imperial who college collaborating centre. Module handbook master of science degree programme in sensor systems technology stm as of summer 20, new regulations v 5 overview module name sws1 ects2 lectures and labs pg.

Module handbook for the master study programme fine arts at the hfbk hamburg degree. Module handbook for the masters program in mathematics at the university of bonn version of 08 april 2020 the rules regulating the choice of optional subjects are contained in the examination regulations for the masters program. Please note that the modules listed on this website may be updated each year, and so it does not necessarily reflect the content or contact hours that will be delivered in subsequent academic sessions. Outcomes map this shows how each of the core intended learning. Module name food product development type of module. The semester given in the tables below as the best suited for the module concerned is for orientation only. The locality project is an important element in the module and intended to help you meet a number of needs in the process of learning about the social contexts of. The guidelines aim to ensure that the information students receive is sufficiently detailed.

The module handbook aims at providing a general overview on the master programme, its modules and courses. Design concept development konzeptuelle designentwicklung 2 75 2 2. Core modules that ship with drupal and are approved by the core developers and the community contributed modules written by the drupal community and shared under the same gnu public license gpl as drupal custom modules created by the developer often for a particular use case specific to the site theyre working on. Development cooperation as part of foreign policy 1. The students acquire in the module ks 1 fundamental practical and theoretical knowledge regarding material, artistic and cultural mannerism in artistic media, which acts as a foundation for the development of a differentiated perception. Intelligentsystems module numbers mainf asxy have been assigned according to the following. This guide shows how to design and develop educational programs that are linked, logical, and successful. These guidelines reflect existing best practice within edge hill. This book shows how to design and develop educational programmes that are linked, logical and successful, with clear, stepbystep guidance on the processes involved. Preliminary module handbook for all master programs. Bachelors and masters degree programs are made up of different teaching units that usually contain several courses on the same topic.

Degree programme master of public health module 1, 1st semester name of module. Development module manual a manual designed to help individuals use the development module. To learn how to find, extract and refine a set of digital data. It may be accessed from the evaluation office web page on the undp 3. Oral tablets development chapter 2 handbook of pharmaceutical sect. Christine faerber lecturers academic staff of the life sciences faculty, external lecturers semester. Facilitators use learning outcomes to drive their modules moon, 2002.

The mission of the programme is to study social sciences in various cultures and regions focusing on the global south. Guidelines for programme design, monitoring and evaluation table of contents key terms 1. All students will take module 9 development politics. The module and programme development handbook jennifer a. It includes information about our workshops, trainers, our booking system, the researcher development. Module name abbreviation module applied analytical chemistry appl anac responsible for the module faculty prof.

Further information about the programme can be found in the programme handbook and in greater detail in the module. Courses on this page you find all courses of the ma in development management programme. Guidelines for programme design, monitoring and evaluation. Request pdf on jan 1, 2002, j moon and others published the module and programme development handbook find, read and cite all the research you need on researchgate. Geoinformation tum department of civil, geo and environmental engineering. An introduction to module design tara trinity college dublin. Many of these activities will be devoted to development of technical or interpersonal skills. In each of the more theoretical modules 1, 2 and 4 students can choose one practical course in which they become acquainted with the. Ipdet 33 oecd definition of evaluation evaluation the process of determining the worth or significance of an activity, policy, or program an assessment, as systematic and. Since the content is subject to frequent changes in curricula and procedures, please always check. The order of performing the various stages may change. Module mainf1103 cryptography workload 270h creditpoints duration frequency 9cp 1 semester everyyear module coordinator prof. The programme factsheet directs students to this website for additional information about the indicative contact hours associated with each module. Msc international food business and consumer studies page 1 of 24.

Semester wsss advanced physics 4 6 physics 3 first. Please note that the programmes and modules handbook and the module search facility below are unavailable between 20. Code name of the module study programme type of module number of ectscp workload contact hours cycle type of course courses curriculum learning objectives the module covers the main topics in standard microeconomic theory on an advanced formal level. Designing undergraduate degree programmes the economics. It shows how to develop courses that successfully meet quality and assessment criteria including those set by the quality assurance agency, and provides a. A practical guide to linking levels, outcomes and assessment. Handbook of modules for the degree programme environment and energy, b. Monitoring and evaluation exercises must be resultsoriented and include assessments of the relevance, performance and success of undp development interventions. The module and programme development handbook by ona wax. The ten modules are designed as a professional development programme lasting approximately. The researcher development programme is open to all postgraduate students and postdoctoral researchers and is coordinated by the graduate school. Moon, j 2002 the module and programme development handbook, kogan.

This document is intended to provide guidance in the writing of appropriate. Each main subject area and all the faculties collaborating in the programme, or providing service teaching, must be represented on the team. A basic model that underpins the sequence of the paper is shown in fig 1. The university requires a dmr template to be completed for each module in the programme. In figure 1 a framework for module design and development is outlined. Degree programme master of science in health sciences 2nd st module 1 semester name of module diversity in health gender, culture, age module responsible prof.

Through the respective media they hereby become acquainted to connected artistic methods and technical skills. This book shows how to design and develop educational programmes that are linked, logical and successful, with clear, stepbystep guidance on the processes. Module aims to understand the changing role and the renewed responsibilities of journalists in the age of digital media. The document also provides additional information on registration and assessment procedures, such as guidelines, forms and recommendations. Linking levels, learning outcomes and assessment criteria ehea. Modular course structures are now the norm in higher education. Curriculum shows what is offered in the respective semesters, and under list of modules you can see which courses are compulsory, elective and optional. Guidelines on the format and content of programme and module handbooks this document provides general guidance on the format and content of programme and module handbooks. Mathematical physics 5 9 credit points for the module mat4032 advanced topics in theoretical physics in the masters program, and up to 21 credit points in the section vertiefungsfach in the bachelors program can be credited in the section elective studies, provided the choice is suitable. This handbook is designed to give you an introduction to researcher development training at kent. It provides stepbystep guidance on the development of educational modules and programs.

Hrh development and medical education reform, as well as helped establishing national. The module handbooks mhb provide students with information on the individual modules and learning objectives of each degree. Most teachers who have worked on the development of objectives for modules or programmes have encountered the above problem. To become capable to extract meaningful findings from digital data and to turn them into.

Academic year 20162017 module handbook 6 57 module description bv300003. Working with english language learners education in new. Our challenge is to develop programmes that we believe in while addressing the external criteria described. Programmes and modules handbook the handbook is a database containing all programmes and modules available as options by programme cohort year, searchable by school, department and level.

April 30, 2012 the curriculum of the master programme is divided into four subcurricula, each corre. Alfred hirner chemistry relevance for following study programmes. Over 50 universities were involved in the development and the descriptors are. Established in 1981 following the merger of the keswick hall college of education and the centre for applied research in education, the school now occupies an. The module and programme development handbook 1st edition by jennifer moon author isbn. Linking levels, learning outcomes and assessment criteria. The model represents an ideal sequence for module development. Water science ma designated semester duration of module module type cs credits 2 1 semester c 5 prerequisites recommended prerequisites. Module 4 focuses specifically on translational medicine.

The global studies programme is a twoyear master programme initiated in 2002 followed by an optional phd initiated in 2008. The module and programme development handbook request pdf. The school of education and lifelong learning edu at uea is one of the uks leading centres for educational development and research, with an outstanding international reputation. The first part covers consumer theory and the theory of the firm. The module and programme development handbook provides clear, stepbystep guidance on the processes involved in the proper design and development of educational modules and programmes. Through starting the programme with students from all branches of nursing you will develop, at an early stage in your career, an awareness of the contribution of the. The module and programme development handbook jennifer. Foundation trust councillor for chelsea and westminster, and programme leader of the postgraduate diplomamsc in family medicine middlesex university. The module title gives the name of the module applicability specifies the subject area to which the module belongs. Fraden, handbook of modern sensors, aip press, springer doebelin, measurement systems, mcgrawhill. This barcode number lets you verify that youre getting exactly the right version or edition of a book.

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