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Growing up in smallville, kansas, clark kent tom welling must deal with his incredible powers as. Smallville 2x04 clark puts on a red kryptonite ring. With tom welling, michael rosenbaum, allison mack, kristin kreuk. It is based on the dc comics character superman, originally created by jerry siegel and joe shuster. There are many subtitle tools which can help you add and edit video subtitle. Years ago, a meteor shower rained destruction on an unsuspecting smallville, kansas. Firefly is an american space western drama television series which ran from 20022003. Have a look and get the great subtitle tools to add more fun to your home movie making. Smallville season 1 subtitles english 106 subtitles. Frasier, buffy the vampire slayer, angel, and with the decline in quality of many others the west wing, smallville, not to mention the. With tom welling, kristin kreuk, michael rosenbaum, eric johnson. Hubertquind1743 s1e2 smallville metamorphosis clark tom welling saves. Smallville season 6 by lucas grabeel, tom welling, michael.

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