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More than just the electric propulsion element, volvo penta has taken a full systems approach, working closely with fountainepajot to understand customer usage patterns of the complete boat. For inboard systems, converting to electric propulsion regardless of type does not get rid of shaft seals and cutless. This video will give you a general overview of the most common propulsion and manoeuvring systems used to day. Understand the main types of marine propulsion systems. Volvo penta and fountainepajot reveal electric sailing. In 1893, one of the first electric boats electricity carried passengers on the river thames in england. Ges power conversion business is a leading specialist in power and propulsion system packages including prime movers, generators, electrical distribution, fixed or variable speed drives and motors for propulsion thrusters, and large electrical systems at both medium and low voltages. Ion rocket in space propellant line ion source accelerating electrode neutralizer. With more than 80 years experience and with a wide. As all electric and hybrid electric propulsion technology matures and becomes better accepted by the marine community, business opportunities will be created for nova scotia companies with expertise in research, design and engineering, manufacturing, installation, testing, and service and maintenance of components or complete systems.

Pestana head of ship design, abb marine, billingstad, norway this abstract. Electric propulsion system for ships the marine express. Cummins offers a complete line of variable speed propulsion solutions designed specifically for the challenges of commercial, government and recreational marine applications. These baselines anticipated the product line approach to technology development. Pm motors also make it possible to use an ldrive thruster, which results in fuel savings by an extra 1%, along with length and weight savings thanks to the stacking ability. Pdf a diagnostic of dieselelectric propulsion for ships. Complete propulsion and drive systems one solution source marine propulsion solutions group is recognized as one of the worlds leading electric podded thruster and propulsion systems manufacturer and introduces its unique electric permanent magnet podded rotatable propulsion units for all types of marine vessels. Hybrid marine electric propulsion system with supercapacitors energy storage jessie wenjie chen, john olav lindtjorn, frank wendt in order to reduce the effects of system load fluctuations on the power plant, a hybrid converter based on supercapacitors is considered for fastacting energy storage for marine vessels. Review of allelectric and hybridelectric propulsion. By simulating a transit on seven existing ferry routes. Lecture notes marine power and propulsion mechanical.

Electric propulsion systems are designed according to the power station. Precise control of the electrical propulsion motors controlled by frequency converters enables accurate positioning accuracies. Volvo penta unveils hybrid marine propulsion concept. The synchronous motor can be considered the most mature technologically in application to warships. A subsea construction vessel equipped with diesel electric propulsion system comprising. It is characterized only by the type of prime mover with no reference to the type of electrical propulsion motor. This model was proposed to describe the marine environment for ship motion and propulsion at sea.

Future trends of electrical propulsion and implications to ship design h. The most reliable and low noise design is the direct drive. Different solutions are available when using an electric motor for marine propulsion, one of which is called pod. Running a displacement power boat on electric drive is as close as you can come from the sensual experience of sailing. This course discusses the selection and evaluation of commercial and naval ship power and propulsion systems. Electron emitter ions electrons theory of propulsion 17 battery 18. This also contributes to a lower fuel consumption and less emission for a dieselelectric propulsion plant. This article covers the two main types of electrical drive systems currently in use frequency controlled a. Fireproof selfcontained battery solution for a largescale marine energy storage.

Electric and hybrid propulsion systems for your boat west. Electric ships require a single source of power for all ships functions including propulsion, this provides a great deal of flexibility in designing the ships layout. Ship propulsion normally occurs with the help of a propeller, which is the term most widely used in english, although the word screw is sometimes seen, inter alia in combinations such as a twinscrew propulsion plant. Electrical propulsion in marine engineering refers to electric motordriven propellers, with electricity produced by heat engines, and not to direct electric sources, like batteries or solar panels, used in. Marine electrical equipment and practice free download as powerpoint presentation. Electric propulsion is an emerging area where various competence areas meet.

While paddles and sails are still used on some smaller boats, most modern ships are propelled by mechanical systems consisting of an electric. Our portfolio spans from fleets of solar electric and hybrid catamarans to solar electric. Abcs engineering department provides complete dieselelectric propulsion solutions in. For certain load conditions energy storage can act as load buffers which will decrease the load variations on the generator sets, hence optimizing the operation when is comes to emissions and fuel efficiency. Be familiar with the main steam cycle in conventional and nuclear plants. This report will address the transformer, converter and motor, which are marked with a ring in the picture. Electric marine propulsion systems ge power conversion. Electric ships require a single source of power for all ships functions including propulsion, this provides a great deal. Incorporates an electrical ac motor mounted directly on the short propeller shaft, inside a sealed pod unit that is submerged under the vessel hull. Hundreds of diesel electric packages in operation globally regular integration meetings begin at vessel concept and continue through commissioning customized packages for constant and variable speed propulsion feature cummins marine auxiliary engines matched to customers choice of alternator, including cum. Propulsion for research and survey ships, as well as fishery supervision vessels wartsila has delivered the low noise diesel electric propulsion systems for many research and survey vessels. The use of electrical power enhances the propulsive performances of the ep thrusters compared with conventional chemical thrusters. In conjunction with this, analytical treatments related to a unified assessment of electrical and conventional propulsion systems including isolated and.

Developments in electric and green marine ships mdpi. Renewed interest in dieselelectric marine propulsion. The electrical propulsion arrangement for a ship is often described as a dieselelectric or turboelectric system. Lithium ion batteries are superior to other battery storage technology. First published in 1979, the journal is recognised globally as the leading international publication for marine engineers reporting on all technical and operational aspects of commercial and naval vessels. Marine propulsion is the mechanism or system used to generate thrust to move a ship or boat across water. In order to meet the challenge of high operating cost and marine pollution, ships propulsion system have changed from conventional power system to electric propulsion system. Electric propulsion, electric ship, integrated power system, induction motor, permanent magnet motor, hts synchronous motor, dc homopolar motor, podded propulsion.

The course also investigates thermodynamic analyses of rankine, brayton, diesel, and combined cycles. The global demand to reduce co 2 emissions requires effort from the shipping industry which currently emits about 2% of anthropogenic global greenhouse gases. Ion and hall thrusters march 2008 the research described in this publication was carried out at the jet propulsion laboratory, california institute of technology, under a contract with the national aeronautics and space administration. This paper aims to give readers an introduction of marine electric propulsion as well as shipboard integrated electric power systems development up to date. The concept of electric propulsion is over 100 years old with batterypowered vessels recorded in russia and germany around 1870. Both the n series and the k series have proven reliable and durable in tough. A deeper look at exactly what is and is not moving within a boats propulsion system reveals that electric propulsion systems based on ac motors enjoy no inherent advantage over those based on dc motors. The swedish navys gotland class submarines use two stirling cycle engines as an adjunct to their main diesel electric engineering plants to provide underwater endurance up to several weeks. Generator mode ptomode the main engine provides not only the power for ship propulsion, it also supplies the electric power needed for the ships consumers. Electrical installations are present in any ship, from powering of communication and navigation equipment, alarm and monitoring system, running of motors for pumps, fans or winches, to high power installation for electric propulsion. See the first prototype version of our 330hp drive.

Marine propulsion solutions group one source solution marine propulsion solutions group, is recognized as one of the worlds leading electric podded thruster and propulsion systems manufacturer and introduces its unique electric podded rotatable propulsion units for all. For us, the idea for implementing electric propulsion started when we read an article in. Even hydraulically operated equipment may advantageously be replaced by marine frequency converters and electric motors. To develop the electric power consumption model, we. Maritime electrical installations and diesel electric propulsion. Reference herein to any specific commercial product, process, or service. Diesel electric propulsion systems are used on ships with special requirements. As a result of these features electrical propulsion systems are used. The electric only mode allows entry into environmentally sensitive zones, as well as offering enhanced onboard comfort and boat handling characteristics. Tema emotors are permanent magnet motors, which enables them premium efficiency above 95%, high power to volume ratio and small weight. You hear about a new system idea, read an article, talk with others about options, do research but it is often hard to say where the speci. These propulsion systems are based on the principle of speed controlled dc or ac motors driving the propeller directly or via gears. In a recent study of two 1250 kw dieselelectric propulsion trains, pm motors achieved an annual fuel savings of 3% with the same zdrive thruster.

Hybrid marine electric propulsion system abb group. Our propulsion line includes the mechanical k and n series and the electronic quantum series. Today, the primary source of propeller power is the diesel engine, and the power requirement and rate of revolu. Electric propulsion components with high power densities. Dieselelectric propulsion plants guideline 20120731. Flexibility and maximum efficiency optimally combined. Ship electrical propulsion podded propulsion freely rotateable azimuthing through 360 and may produce thrust in any direction. Next to sailing, this is the quietest most serene boating experience you can have. Basic principles of ship propulsion man energy solutions. Propulsion units used in ship electric propulsion systems. In case of conventional propulsion system the propeller is driven by main engine which is running on heavy oil and in addition to it we were having another diesel.

Pdf mathematical modelling of dieselelectric propulsion. Dieselelectric marine propulsion marine diesel engine. Electric power consumption predictive modeling of an electric. Marine electrical equipment and practice marine propulsion. Anglo belgian corporation is much more than an engine manufacturer. Course marine electric power and propulsion systems. Electrical propulsion in marine engineering refers to electricmotordriven propellers, with electricity produced by heat engines, and not to direct electric sources. The regulation and control properties of marine frequency converters enable the use of the same type of frequency converters with all drives on board. Marine propulsion using battery power newcastle university. In this paper the basic principles of dimensioning for warships synchronous propulsion motors using finite element method are presented.

Electric power generation and propulsion is a solution optimized for an environmentally aware era, and which answers shipyard and shipowners needs for fuel economy, higher flexibility both for installation and operation, better comfort on board, increased availability and an inherent capacity to be configured for fault tolerance and graceful degradation. Oceanvolt electric propulsion systems for monohull. Tema marine propulsion system is compact, quiet, vibration free, maintenance free, reliable and environmentally friendly. The range of options available to ship owners is greater than ever before. C motors and gives you a clear picture on the layout of the diesel electric marine propulsion systems. The world is becoming electric in aviation as well we develop serial hybrid electric propulsion systems for aircraft the technology is scalable and will soon be making its way into small aircraft and, in the future, into commercial. The unveiling of the electric prototype comes amid increased interest in emissionfree boating and maturing of electromobility technology. In this context this thesis is aimed at development of simulation tools for hybrid marine electric propulsion systems. Contact our product advice department at 1800boating and we can work with mastervolt to customize a propulsion system for your boat. Future trends of electrical propulsion and implications to. History and recent advancements of electric propulsion and.

Pdf mathematical modelling of dieselelectric propulsion systems. Electric propulsion our first 2,500 miles every decision starts somewhere. Electrical propulsion in marine engineering refers to electricmotordriven propellers, with electricity produced by heat engines, and not to direct electric sources, like batteries or solar panels, used in. In the next part proposed electrical ship propulsion system consist of propeller and induction motor is achieved. Naval dc is your specialist with more than 12 years of experience for electric propulsion systems. Diesel gt steam gen 1 fuel flexible bog, hfo, or other fuel low speed diesel gen 2 burn hfo reliquefaction plant to capture and recycle bog medium speed diesel gen 3 dual fuel diesel electric dfde. This also contributes to a lower fuel consumption and less emission for a diesel electric propulsion plant. Stadt lean drive is specially developed for marine propulsion systems, where it is used together with controllable pitch propellers. Electric propulsion systems, electric drive systems. Maritime electrical installations and diesel electric propulsion trpa. Integrated electric propulsion iep or full electric propulsion fep or integrated full electric propulsion ifep is an arrangement of marine propulsion systems such that gas turbines or diesel generators or both generate threephase electricity which is then used to power electric motors turning either propellers or waterjet impellors. Mathematical modelling of diesel electric propulsion systems for marine vessels article pdf available in mathematical and computer modelling of dynamical systems 007. Dieselelectric propulsion system, azipod propulsion, maneuver, steering.

Figure 11 overview of the electrical system on a vessel with electrical propulsion. Abb is playing a central role in the development of futureproofing maritime fuel cell technologies. A methodology to select the electric propulsion system. This was the first air independent propulsion system to enter regular submarine service.

The typical marine diesel has a life of 10,000 hrs before requiring overall. Installed electric propulsion power in merchant marine vessels was in 2002 in the range of 67 gw gigawatt, in addition to a substantial. Unlike chemical systems, electric propulsion requires very. Mathematical modelling of dieselelectric propulsion systems. Mastervolt offers a wide selection of options, in serial and parallel hybrids and pure electric systems, which are shipped directly from the manufacturer. Marine power and propulsion mechanical engineering mit. Over the last 10 years the electrical propulsion fleet grew three times faster than the world fleet. It is a modification of the combined diesel electric. Ge marine april 20 evolution of lng carrier propulsion where are we going now. Marine full electric propulsion power system open script this example shows a representative marine halfship electrical power system with base load, hotel load, bow thrusters and electric propulsion. When the prime mover is a diesel engine, then it is called diesel electrical propulsion.

The conventional propulsion system of ships is efficient but requires high operating costs and increases marine pollution. The training series design of marine propulsion systems is a unique technical and international oriented series for those who wish to acquire indepth knowledge of the design of different marine propulsion systems. Naval dc solar electric propulsion systems for the. Pdf the main objective of this paper is to present an analysis on diesel electric. The only noise you hear in an electric car are the tires on the road, and in a boat, the water rushing past the hull. Increased payload, as dieselelectric propulsion plants take less space compared to a dieselmechanical plant.

Ss marine electric, was a 605foot bulk carrier, that sank on 12 february 1983, about 30 miles off the coast of virginia, in feet of water. Among all prospective alternate power sources for ships, electrical propulsion system is one of the most promising alternatives in tod ys tim. Review of allelectric and hybridelectric propulsion technology for small vessels march 2015 1 1. Recent renewed interest in dieselelectric marine propulsion creates a need for more understanding of how the systems work and how they are laid out. Dec 16, 2014 the source of electrical energy for an ion engine can be either solar see solarelectric propulsion or nuclear theory of propulsion 16 17. Electric propulsion systems for ships topics yoshifumi ajioka kiyoshi ohno increasing use of electric propulsion systems on ships as is the case with general automobiles that are driven on land, the main type of engine used on ships is the internal combustion engine motors such as diesel engines and gas turbines. We also offer repowering solutions for converting away from legacy diesel engines removing the diesel engine, fuel tanks and exhaust system cleaning up greasy, smelly engine. Electric propulsion ep is a class of space propulsion which makes use of electrical power to accelerate a propellant by different possible electrical andor magnetic means. High reliability, due to multiple engine redundancy. Marine propulsion using battery power peng wua, richard bucknalla adepartment of mechanical engineering, university college london, london wc1e 7je, uk abstract. In 1893, one of the first electric boats electricity carried passengers on. Our portfolio spans from fleets of solar electric and hybrid catamarans to solar electric race and speed boats.

Designed to enable zero emission running for marine vessels, volvo penta has unveiled a hybrid concept for its ips propulsion system. Dimensioning of electric propulsion motors for warships. Electrical propelled vessels provide a large number of advantages making it the preferred choice of propulsion solution in the future. In an emergency, if the propulsion battery is compromised, the diesel engine is capable of providing electrical power directly to the motor diesel electric mode. Find materials for this course in the pages linked along the left. Heat, flow and pressure from the excess exhaust gas rotate the generator and feed the electric grid. Describe the principle of operation and major components of a steam propulsion plant.

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